Imagine that you have this awesome idea. You’ve turned it over in your head, considered the angles, and now you’re ready to implement it.

Where do you begin? You start here. I offer a range of services in business, marketing, and publishing. What I don’t offer myself, I network with those who do. I’ve already done all the running around for you, so let this be your one-stop resource for business and writing! There’s a lot here, and it’s constantly growing, so have a look around.

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My History:

What do you do when you get laid off from work and for six months can’t find a job? You create one.

That’s how I got started on this ever-evolving journey from unemployment to being self-employed. In July of 2009, it had been over six months since losing my job, and I still couldn’t find work. The economy was down, no one wanted to hire an inexperienced college student.

So, like many people of my generation, I turned to the Internet. It quickly became more than just a tool to waste my time in games and mindless activity. It became my life force. I started out in ghostwriting, working for a company as an independent contractor. I still work for this company today, and quickly refer anyone to them. They were a great starting point.

I made “small cash” taking jobs here and there. Through this one company, I managed to keep a steady workload, along with the odd job on the side. This period became the foundation for my work today. I learned a lot in business, marketing, writing, and so much more. This information I later put to good use.

When my daughter was born, I found myself unable to keep up with the same workload, especially as she became more mobile. Writing took up too much thought and focus, and I couldn’t do both. So again, I turned to the Internet, once again working to rebuild my client base.

My work now as an independent contractor covers a broad range of topics, focusing especially in writing, editing, marketing, and business. Check out my “Services” panel for more information!